August 22, 2014

Children’s Ministry

At Boronia Community Church of Christ, we value the importance of providing safe and welcoming spaces for our children. We believe that the ‘priesthood of all believers’ includes children and youth, and that it is our joy and responsibility as a community to nurture young people in life and faith. Children and youth are equal partners in the Church community life as they embody and represent the Kingdom of God. Along with Churches of Christ Victoria and Tas, we commit to protecting, guiding and empowering young people, and acknowledge the importance of their voice in our community.They embody the Image of God and are gifts from God that we are called to nurture and grow in the Spirit of God as Jesus modeled and calls us to do. Jesus welcomed the children and placed them in the midst of his Ministry and we commit to the same.


Kids Quest is a fun and creative space for Kinder to Primary age young people on Friday nights. We value belonging, acceptance, faith, fun and friendship, and a whole lot of fun!!
We play, create, share and explore each week, and have two groups so that all ages feel accounted for!

Kids Quest Jelly Beans

  • held at Boronia Community Church of Christ
  • Friday nights 5pm-6:30pm
  • Kinder-Grade 2
  • boys and girls
  • Cost $3
  • Contact Kate (
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Kids Quest Superstars
  • held at Boronia Community Church of Christ
  • Friday nights 5pm-6.30pm
  • Grade 3 - grade 6
  • girls
  • Cost $3
  • Contact Kate (

Kids Quest Lego club

  • held at Boronia Community Church of Christ
  • Friday nights 5pm-6.30pm
  • Kinder - grade 6
  • boys
  • Cost $3
  • Contact Kate (
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Hub Clubs:
(Part of families connection service)
A space to get to know God as we:
  • Explore His story
  • Experience His love
  • Embody His life

Contact Laura (

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(Part of family connections service)
A space for our little ones to experience love and care so that one day they too may understand God's love
Contact Kate (

Come find out about the greatest story of all and your place in it!