August 8, 2014

About Us

Boronia Community Church of Christ, originally Boronia Church of Christ was the first church to be established in Boronia on 30 October 1921. Now, some 90 years later, Boronia Community Church of Christ continues to grow as a vibrant faith community on the hill.

Mission Statement

Together with God, extending love to all.



  • We see a Christian community where faith is developed and spiritual growth is encouraged.
  • We see the church serving and engaging with our wider community, meeting needs and creating a caring Christian community.



  1. Small Groups: Develop and implement a strategy to extend small groups.
  2. Community Centre: Develop a Community Centre to serve and support all who come, and engage them in Godly, "life-affirming" activities and groups.
  3. Social Groups: Implement social groups and activities across all ages.
  4. Integration Plan: Implement an intentional integration plan for drawing people into stronger engagement with God and the church community.
  5. Worship: Develop our worship to better foster Spirit led worship which is relevant and diverse and leads to increased attendance.